transgenerational healing


Posted on: 6th December 2017

It is the role of each generation to become a little more free, to secure a piece of freedom that wasn’t available to our ancestors and previous generations. It is absolutely necessary to recognise those who came before us, those who made way for us. Because of them we are able to build our own...
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Lessons from the Iroquois

Posted on: 11th October 2016

“In Iroquois society, leaders are encouraged to remember seven generations in the past and consider seven generations in the future when making decisions that affect the people.” – Wilma Mankiller First Woman Chief of the Cherokee Nation.
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Before you.

Posted on: 21st August 2015

“Before we were conceived, we existed in part as an egg in our mother’s ovary. All the eggs a woman will every carry form in her ovaries while she is a four month old fetus in the womb of her mother. This means our cellular life as an egg begins in the womb of our...
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