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Life Therapy With Zita

Are you tired of the merry-go-round of well-being therapies that feel good but do little to enhance the overall quality of your life? Are you fed up with people telling you comforting lies? If the answer to either of these questions is “Yes”, then Life Therapy with Zita is for you. Zita offers a dynamic approach to creating success in your life, so you can thrive.

Make peace with the past to create a better future.

We are all impacted by our upbringing and events in the past and present of our family history. These events influence our patterns of behaviour and our view of the world. Some offer us strength, and others can hold us in check. Often our beliefs and the stories we tell distort reality, Life Therapy centres around working respectfully, honestly and directly with the facts. Through this gentle process discover the hidden dynamics that dominate, acknowledge what is, and allow a solution that heals to begin. The bonus is that you benefit from the gift of a better life story, and future generations are released from carrying the same burdens.
Life Therapy is designed to support your development and growth.
Life Therapy With Zita

About Zita

Zita is most often described as the “wise speaker of truth”. Facing reality is not easy. It can be painful. The truth is you are already suffering, so why not opt for a short-lived challenge that will bring you relief. For nearly two decades, Zita has supported individuals, couples, families and organisations to overcome the debilitating effects of transgenerational trauma. It is a powerful, pivotal and effective solution to finding peace in all areas of your life. The added bonus is that you set yourself on course to succeed and clear a path for you, your children and future generations to flourish.

Zita is committed to supporting all of her clients in finding the solutions that are best suited to them. You will gain the soft skills you need to transform your life through Life Therapy. Imagine taking the first step toward living a life full of potential. There is a way to do that. The choice starts with your willingness to loosen the threads that bind you to the past.

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