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Conversations with Ourselves

In this series Zita talks with women from a variety of cultures, professions and backgrounds to explore what makes their life and accomplishments possible. When we meet or see people, we often see them like a mature tree; fully formed with their trunk, branches and leaves. We are often unaware of the seasons and storms that they have endured, and ignorant of the roots that lie beneath the surface to nourish and support them.

In Conversations with Ourselves Zita looks beneath the surface to the hidden roots and the past challenges of some remarkable women, to reveal and learn from their extraordinary lives.

Each is shaped and influenced by their environment, history, culture, and importantly, their relationships with other women.

A Proper Life

In this series we explore the benefits of a systemic approach to life and love. We rattle perceptions and beliefs as a way to invite clear thought. Sometimes we need to be shocked to wake up out of our stupor and think about where we stand and why we see things the way that we do. Ultimately the best authority to follow is that of your own heart and soul. We invite the question – In a world of followers, who are you following and where are they leading you?

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