What is Life Therapy?

Are you one of those people who always seems to attract the kind of people who create havoc, chaos and heartbreak in your life? Have you noticed the uncanny similarities between the relationship with your family of origin and those in your work and romantic relationships? Do you ever feel like you don’t quite fit in or belong? Does your career progress feel stifled? Are you always struggling to make ends meet?

Why do these things happen?
When there has a been a trauma in the family system and some one has been excluded, cast out or the family has in the past experienced a difficult fate; slavery, forced migration, famine, war, premature death, genocide, holocaust it has an impact on the whole family and will effect the lives of those in the following generations. Unconsciously someone will step in to live out the fate of the family members from previous generations in this lifetime often in ways we can barely comprehend. It happens out of a deep but hidden loyalty; love. It is a love so deep that the family member would rather compromise their own quality of life or die than betray the family bond.

Life Therapy, a solutions focussed approach to therapy and coaching creates the opportunity for you to discover and resolve  these systemic patterns of belief and behaviour that are difficult for you to understand and change.

Systemic coaching supports you to achieve balance in all areas of your life. You become a whole complete person. Your relationships, your career, your health, your finances, your confidence, self esteem, and the meaning of your life all significantly improve.

“When you break free from inherited family patterns, you allow your true nature to reveal itself.” – Zita

What are the benefits of Life Therapy?
There is no separation between personal performance and professional performance. Systemic coaching bridges the imagined gap. Clarity, new vision and focus allow you to find purpose, and it is your purpose that governs everything. The motivation to live a happy healthy life is driven by a heartfelt need to fulfil your purpose.

Who is Life Therapy for?
Life Therapy is for anyone seeking to improve the overall quality of their life. It is an investment that will bring significant beneficial change to your personal and professional life. My style of coaching is unique in that is suited to your individual needs and it will gently challenge you to see life from a new perspective.

Systemic Coaching for individuals
Please get in touch if you would like to:

  • Heal the trauma of racism that touches us all
  • Step more fully into your potential.
  • Gain clarity
  • Develop strength and resilience in order to rise to new challenges.
  • Step off the merry – go round of quick fixes and self help      regimes that simply do not work.
  • Feel included
  • Raise your self – esteem
  • Confidence
  • Self acceptance
  • Personal Development

Life Therapy supports you to build a strong foundation upon which you can confidently build the rest of your life.