Ubuntu – A Force for Living Together


I first heard about Ubuntu in 1991. At the time, I was aware of the need for creating things that bring people together, the spirit of Ubuntu embodied this. I loved the concept so much that I named my first business Ubuntu.

Since that time, I have travelled a long road, living and working in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm, and London. In that time, the world has changed considerably, mostly for the better, although I have a sense that is also because I have changed and discovered a more profound understanding of what community means.

Sustainable Travel

Travel is a beautiful way to expose oneself to difference and the amazing diversity in our world. Travel for me certainly opened my eyes to the reality that every living thing has a right to exist. Our responsibility is to nurture and support all our fellow human beings, even when their view of life stands in stark contrast to ours. There is no right or wrong. There is only different, and this makes us all the same. Exposure to diversity has only enhanced my appreciation of life and the intention of life itself.

An Ancient Code

Ubuntu is an ancient code of ethics referring to the human spirit. It is about goodwill, generosity, dignity, reconciliation, and a feeling of responsibility for our own well-being and the well-being of others. In this way, we can solve problems together. The moment we exclude others because their political, religious, and personal views differ, we lose essential pieces of the puzzle that supports all life. Ubuntu is a way of life that has held families and communities together for centuries. In this way, it is the heart and soul of Systemic Constellations work too. Both find their roots in the ancient traditions of Africa. As the first humans migrated out of Africa, it was the creative spirit of Ubuntu embedded in our need to survive that brought us to where we are today.

Ubuntu is a profound and natural way of being. It means to be a ‘human being’.

Ubuntu is Personal Growth and Development.

Much like Systemic Constellations therapy, Ubuntu is neither superficial nor fast. The meaning and significance of both can only really be understood through experience and through sharing that experience with others. In this way, we discover a universal bond of sharing that connects us all. Ubuntu, like Systemic Constellations, exists at the heart of every culture and tradition.

Workshops, a path to love

In my Systemic Family Constellations workshops, and in the teaching I offer on issues relating to racism, slavery and the residual effects of Empire and oppression, the spirit of Ubuntu is with me. It has to be; my ancestry is so diverse that the only way for me to create the peace, tranquillity and success I have in my life today was to build bridges across the cultural divides within. This personal journey has supported me well enough to confidently invite others to do the same. The outcomes are so astonishing some describe them as miraculous, magical, potent, powerful.

Life is, as we know, miraculous. It is the most precious gift we have, and as we find ways to accept life and our fellow citizens as they are, we experience a profound and lasting sense of peace with life.

To be at peace with life is not apathy. It is heart-centred activism.

Acceptance is a solid foundation for living well

It is the ground upon which we can securely stand to invite the meaningful change required to support all life. The planet is our community. It is for us to treasure, value, and love with humility and grace.

Systemic Constellations is popular because it harnesses the beauty of Ubuntu. I trust others will join me to re-ignite the spirit of humanity.

Imagine a world where our children and future generations are relieved of the pain and suffering of living in a disconnected world. A world in which each community feels supported because each member of the community feels seen, valued, respected and loved.

When a drop of water joins the ocean it changes the waves.

I am confident that if we can as individuals do our part to heal and resolve the pain of the past, everyone will benefit and prosper. A climate change in us would have a nourishing and positive effect on the climate of the planet. The ancients understood this, through Ubuntu and Systemic Constellations they gave us the key to the solutions we want and need.