In Conversation with Helen Reid


How to have a difficult conversation about race and racism.  Helen and I explore how inherent bias impacts us all.  We explore how we can learn and grow from listening to each other.

Helen is an Intuitive Guide and Human Design Specialist – she supports women across the globe to take back their power with grace. Helen guides her clients and her community to remember who they are at the soul level, and create emotional and financial freedom doing the work they adore.

Helen’s work supports the courageous, embracing and graceful letting go of generations worth of struggle and shame so that together we can create a New Earth.

Previously, Helen spent eight years working as a corporate tax lawyer in London. After having children, her priorities changed, and she decided to follow her passion for human behaviour, growth, and evolution.

Since leaving her legal career, she has specialised in supporting corporate professionals to move beyond the mundane roller coaster of modern life, guiding them to connect with their soul’s essence and true purpose in this world.

Helen now lives in Southern Spain with her husband and two young children, enjoying a slower pace of life and the year-round sunshine.

You can discover more about Helen here