In Conversation with Ainsley

Posted on: 18th July 2019

Success has the face of your mother. In this episode we discuss the role of Mother in our life. It is our relationship with our primary care – giver, our Mother, that serves as a proxy for our relationship with success and life. If there is a strained or difficult relationships with our primary care...
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Love Is…

Posted on: 4th November 2018

When I was a child there was a comic strip series that used to appear in a local newspaper. The strip was called Love is… and would depict a series of love notes written by the cartoonist Kim Casali to her husband, Roberto Casali. The strip hit my radar sometime in the late 1970’s during...
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How our past lives in our present.

Posted on: 10th August 2016

“You live through that little piece of time that is yours, but that piece of time is not only your life, it is the summing-up of all the other lives that are simultaneous with yours… What you are is an expression of history.” – Robert Penn Warren, World Enough and Time You are more than...
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Do you give too much?

Posted on: 14th August 2015

Imagine if you had insights into your earliest experiences in life that would give you clues as to why you need what you do in your relationships?  What your body remembers provides clues for the challenges you face today. Emily first came to see me as a client because she wanted to explore what had...
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Issues and Tissues

Posted on: 18th April 2015

“… and the more hurt she gets, the more venomous she grows.”  – Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights 7 Issues from Childhood that Affect our Relationships Later on in Life. 1. Threats and fear of abandonment. These can lead to jealousy and feelings of insecurity. 2. Lack of emotional nurturing. This can lead to feelings of emotional...
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The Bonds of Love.

Posted on: 12th February 2015

“Enlightenment is intimacy with what is” Zita Every single day all over the world parents teach their children the rules of the game. They teach their children how to conform, how to fit in. They teach their children the rules of their tribe. Parents teach their children that to be loved and belong; “this is...
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Better Sex with Hypnotherapy

Posted on: 7th January 2015

                                              “Have a light heart and a happy soul” Zita Great sex may seem like an unlikely benefit of Hypnotherapy, but to put it plainly when you experience a better connection with yourself...
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