Write Your Way to a Better Life

Every day I meet people who know exactly what they want in life, but no matter what they do they just can’t seem to get there. Every year they make resolutions or determine to change something for the better. They are going to get healthy, get a promotion, get out of debt, start a business, write a book, travel more, meet the man of their dreams, be a better friend or give up some awful habit. The list is as long as the ocean is wide.

When there is a gap between where you are and where you intend to be it can feel rather disheartening to blindly go through the process of change. We often naively start out thinking that we can just snap our fingers and that change will happen, or feel so overwhelmed by the idea that we don’t even start. We are challenged as our will and our power are pressed against the wall as we consciously try to control the outcome of our lives.

Most people are completely unaware that there are simple yet effective steps that you can take to literally change your mind.

Life can be busy, and when you are the type of person who thrives on being productive the last thing you want to do is spend time wading through an ocean of suggestions that have a very short shelf life. So what is the answer to setting goals and achieving them? Congruence. When there is harmony between what you think, what you feel, what you say and what you do, you have congruence, and in this state the mind can be changed to set the goals you want and then successfully achieve them.

A simple Life Therapy technique I developed draws upon Journaling to chart new courses towards the destination you want to reach by engaging your subconscious mind to create congruence, harmony.

Let me explain.

The human baby is born with only two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  If you drop a baby, even if it is just a small drop of a couple of inches, or if you make a loud noise close to a baby’s ear, the baby will start to cry, a rather visceral cry at that, eyes clamped shut, mouth open, all an expression of fear. Yet, you can take that same baby and place it in deep water or in a company of wolves and the baby will show no signs of fear or distress. Why? Because the baby has no context to which it can evaluate these experiences. The context comes later, such that everything beyond the two basic fears – good or bad – true or false – is learned. And everything we learn is being subconsciously conditioned and programmed. It is as if our minds are sponges, soaking up impressions without the benefit of mature logic and reasoning. This is how our life story is written.

The Life Therapy approach to Journaling is a way of rewriting the subconscious roadmap of your mind. In the process of rewriting your life story, the self-limiting negative beliefs we learn as children can be altered. Because the process is incremental in gain you only need to start by addressing one small change to experience a domino affect in all areas of your life.

Pay attention to the small things and the big things will take care of themselves.

To change a habit that will change your life, start with the small yet potent habit of writing in a journal each night. Most people use journaling to write the story of their day to day experience of life. I suggest you use journaling in a more effective way, to rewrite the story of your life. Once people really understand how journaling can be used they never want to miss a day of journaling again.

Here are just some of the ways the Life Therapy approach to journaling can improve your life:

Reprogramme your subconscious mind
Turn dreams into reality
Increase your creative potential
Create clarity through focussed thinking
Stress relief
Put your life in order
Fine tune your ideas
Design your future
Make you a better writer
Find your true self – your purpose
Remove the charge of self – criticism
Bring a greater sense of meaning to your life

Every night before you go to sleep make a request to your subconscious mind.

Here are the simple steps to Life Therapy Journaling.

  • Before you go to sleep take 10 minutes to plan and write down your goals.
  • Write in cursive using a pen.
  • Use present tense or near future.
  • Take time to visualise the desired goal or outcome and then write it in as much detail as possible.
  • Pay attention to how you feel as you write your goals. Feeling a sense of wellbeing as you do the exercise is more likely to create a good outcome.
  • Get into the detail. Ask yourself questions related to the goal or outcome you want to achieve. Clarity of intention will make it easier for your subconscious to create a good outcome that suits your needs.

As you go to sleep your subconscious mind will go to work on creating the steps you will take in each moment of your life to achieve your desired outcomes and successfully accomplish your goal.

Remember, learning any new skill in life requires practise, the more you practise the better you will get. It can take just 1 day to notice a change, 21 days to notice significant improvement and up to 40 days for what I call the really great goals to present themselves. The only time this exercise will not work is when you don’t do it.

Have fun with the process and enjoy the ride!

Simple exercises like this one can open us up to things we may have kept hidden in the back of our mind. If you would like support then get in touch. You can book a session and leap forward with your goal setting in a 1-2-1 Coaching and Hypnotherapy session.


Clean Up Your House.

“Stretching yourself beyond the boundaries of your current self requires carefully choosing and then pursuing ideals: ideals that are up there, above you, superior to you – and that you cant always be sure you will reach…. if you don’t reach for them, it is certain that you will never feel that your life has meaning.” ~ Dr Norman Doidge.

The New Year is about bringing in the new.  In order to do this you have to make space by clearing out the old. It is that simple. We can spend time on making lists, setting new goals, starting new projects and talking about what we want to accomplish in 2019, but there is no room for any of this new stuff to happen unless we declutter the past. This clean up is not just about a 1950’s style of cleaning out the cupboards and making some charitable donations of stuff you don’t use anymore. Its about a physical, mental and emotional clean up. Most people manage a start on the physical; Dry January, Veganuary, and shiny new gym memberships, I note even my regular Yoga class swelled from 15 to 52 in 5 short days!

Suffice to say where people generally come unstuck is on the mental and emotional clean up.  Other than to announce in a strop that they are never spending Christmas with their in-laws again, or taking it a step further and filing for divorce on the 1st Monday of January, few people stop to consider that it is the mental and emotional clean up that will determine the success or failure of all future outcomes. Furthermore the areas most in need of addressing are usually staring us right in the face and the holiday season will have put us in close proximity with whatever part of our life is not working well.

To be fair, to live a successful life, one in which you are happy in your chosen career, your relationship with your significant other is peaceful and harmonious, your children (if you have them) are flourishing, and your relationships with your family are sound and secure, is not always going to be a straight smooth road. Life can be unpredictable, challenging and sometimes feel rather joyless. But on the whole it should be an uplifting and inspiring experience in which you feel secure and supported. If it is not, then we are fortunate to live in a time where the support mechanisms to address problems are readily available.

In Columbus’s time, the world was believed to be flat, and other beliefs of that time reinforced that idea. Today, if anyone were to seriously try to suggest that the world was flat, very few people would consider it a possibility. Why? Because we have learnt so much since that time and that old idea is out of keeping with the knowledge we have today. The same is true of human beings. For years we were told that we were limited as human beings. We were categorised, labelled and then given a box in which to fit ourselves. As a result it became the accepted norm to fit into boxes rather than to have a fulfilling life.

Thankfully we are increasingly becoming aware that we have limited ourselves by our thoughts, beliefs and traditions. We know that everything that we have learnt about the way the world works, from love, to relationships, to career success was shaped by what we experienced in our family of origin; our relationships with our mother, father and siblings influences how we relate to our partners and work colleagues. This is also where our ideas, beliefs and core values are formed. So when things are not going so well in life, often our own patterns of behaviour are tripping us up. This is the first place to look to make changes. This is where mental and emotional clean up takes place.

If you imagine your life to be like the roof of your house, after some time the roof acquires many layers as it is fixed and patched up with layers of material time after time.  Eventually you come to a point where adding a new layer will create more problems than it would solve. You can layer up your life with the same old beliefs, judgements, intentions and habits, or you clean up the mental and emotional clutter and start over.

When we clean up we create space for new perspectives to emerge.  We can grasp a clear sense of how often we repeat certain patterns in our life, and where in our life the patterns create stress, pressure or a deficiency. Through the systemic approach it is possible to quickly and simply map these patterns and then use the wisdom of our felt senses to unravel what lies behind them. Patterns are nearly always serving some purpose, so in order to change them it is important to understand who or what the pattern of behaviour is loyal to. Often our patterns of behaviour are serving a mode of survival that we have adopted to compensate or accommodate for some perceived lack.

In order to understand this better it is helpful to think of yourself as a human being with a soul. This is what I call it. Other people call it life force, spirit and so on. To be clear, this is distinct from any religious or scientific interpretations of what a soul may or may not be. If you were to go online you could easily and lawfully purchase and have delivered to your home all the chemical ingredients required to make up a human being. At most the cost would be around £15.95. Yet despite this fact to my knowledge no human has made a human being from these ingredients. The soul is the source of life that is central to each and everyone of us.

And so the magical ingredient to make life successful is to get what we want, to get what we want requires congruence, all parts must be in agreement. Much like love, if the soul is not in agreement it does not matter how handsome the other being is, love will not be on the cards. It’s that simple. To create congruence there must be an alignment in desire, beliefs and values. If you are single it is not because of a lack of suitable partners. If you are not promoted it is not because of your gender or skin colour. To get what we want in life, it is essential to understand what we need to do to support ourselves to get there.

Cleaning up requires the courage to let go of the past, to complete and tie up loose ends. It may require that you let go of some old fantasies and dreams, it may require that you grow up. Cleaning up is a big job and it can be painful, it’s why so many people avoid it. The most challenging skill to learn in life is to live well. It’s easy to excel in one area. Look closely at the people who you think you envy, scratch below the surface of a woman who is very successful in her career and you will often find that there is something missing elsewhere. Look deeply into the eyes of the people in the boardroom with a 6 figure salary: is there a brightness in their eyes, are they centred, grounded and calm? There are many aspects and layers to clean up on the mental and emotional level and we are all dealing with it to a greater or lesser degree.

It is 2019, and my message this year is: clean it up, put your house in order. Take responsibility for the part you play in making the world a better place for us all to live in. History is changed not by one single significant change, it is changed by all the seemingly insignificant changes that every individual is part of.

“Ideologues are people who pretend they know how to make the world a better place before they have taken care of their own chaos within.” ~ Dr Norman Doidge, MD author of The Brain That Changes Itself

In Conversation with Sensei Anthea Pascaris

Sensei Anthea Pascaris is a 4th Degree black belt dan in Aikido, 1st dan in Iaido (the Art of Japanese Swordsmanship) and 1st dan in Karate – do. Anthea has been practising martial arts for 30 years and has trained with many master teachers and highly ranked instructors around the world from Japan to North America and Europe.

Anthea began her professional life as a Lawyer in Canada. Through the course of our conversation I discovered what shaped and influenced her journey into Karate and now, as a leader and teacher of the martial art known as Aikido. We explored the use and misuse of power as a woman, what it is to be feminine, girly and tough. There are so many gems Anthea brings through her experience and training both in the legal profession and through the discipline of training and teaching a martial art of such grace and power. It is truly a unique and wonderful conversation.

Aikido translates to:
The Way (Do)
Of Harmonising (Ai)
With The Energy of The Universe (Ki)

Anthea is Founder and  Sensei of Notting Hill Akikai : the Dojo

“Aikido practice is purification of the body and mind on all levels. Nothing is too small or too big for our misogi” – O Sensei
(misogi – purification of body and mind – mentally washing away malicious, negative and petty thoughts).



Create Success

Before reaching the age of 6 our brain is in a perpetual Theta state, which means that whatever we hear and experience during this time is taken in at the deep level of the subconscious mind. We are literally being programmed in ways that will influence the outcomes of our lives. Belonging, loyalties in love, beliefs and secret contracts that bind us deeply to the rules of our tribe are established during this time for the sake of our survival and protection.

From the moment we are born our path to success is being determined. Our birth is our first major success, the effort, will and drive required to push ourselves into life with no external intervention is a collaborative effort with our mother as her body yields itself to our instinctual drive to arrive. This is where if we are fortunate to have had a natural birth we proved our capacity to forcefully assert ourselves. And it is this success that keeps on supporting us throughout our life.

Some might wonder what relevance our birth has to our achievements, work and professional success later in life. And does our success later in life really depend on this first success, our birth?

People who come into life via C-Section or who are pulled into life with forceps, how well do they perform later in life as first a child and later as an adult. How is their self – reliance, resilience and assertiveness? These are challenges that can be overcome with the right kind of support to a certain extent and we are aware in the therapeutic field that such a challenge can gift unique skills that will strengthen these individuals later in life.

Ultimately our ability to succeed fully in life lies in relation to our parents and our willingness to graciously receive all that they gave us, most significantly our life. Some may feel challenged to embrace all these gifts wholeheartedly if they determine that some were not to their liking, should have been better, different or otherwise. In truth often it is the more challenging experiences we receive from our parents that prove to be the source of our greatest skills, talents and abilities.

Through our parents we become successful, prosperous, rich and experience abundance in all realms of our lives. Most particularly through our mother, the fountain of life, everything in those early years flows from her to us. We take our existence as we take our mother, as we take our mother we take our whole life. And as life passes from generation to generation, we stand tall on the shoulders of giants.

Our ancestors are our greatest resource when it comes to success. Their ability to overcome adversity in harder times, reproduce and keep their children alive is the reason we are alive. Each generation shares the wisdom of how to succeed. It is a wisdom inherited and embedded in our subconscious from before we were born into our early years.

Modern life has left its indelible mark on us all. Insecurity is prevalent and this is dues to a loss of connection with the wisdom of our ancestors, ourselves. New authorities stand between us and them on how to live, love, marry, parent, ascend the ladders of work and career. Most now succeed as a result of an external drive to prove their worthiness under the mistaken belief that success is driven by financial portfolios, second homes and a linear career trajectory. Unaware that they are failing elsewhere. We are in the midst of a crisis on every possible level as a result. Systems for health, finance, housing, wellbeing, relationships and family bear the weight of our collective failing.

Those who maintain contact with this wisdom are able to overcome and prevail. Stories handed from one generation to the next is one way we keep this intelligence alive, similarly archetypes, myths and legends keep us connected to these guiding principles.

If we can return to the most elusive of brain states – Theta, the state of early childhood – and explore its riches, this is where we find the gems, the crucible of our neurological activity where knowledge and information that normally lies beyond our conscious awareness resides.

When we are awake Theta is a state we might fleetingly visit, whilst daydreaming or drifting momentarily into sleep. Theta stands in stark contrast to a heightened state of stress or anxiety or a depressed state. For most people entering the Theta state whilst awake comes from years of practising meditation for extended periods of time, or through an induced hypnotic state under the supervision of an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Fortunately, brainwave therapy along with guided meditation can accelerate the process, making it possible to drop into deep meditative states even if you have never meditated before or completed your Jedi training with Yoda.

How to create the success you long for.
Create Success The Meditation was developed to help you access the higher levels of creativity that are essential to finding the answers you long for. These are answers you cannot find in books or from other people. There is no online coaching course, workshop, life hack or “how to” list that is ever going to give you the answers that are uniquely yours. You are not a carbon copy of anyone else, and you never will be. Only you can find the right answers for you, all anyone else can offer you is a map that will guide you to the inward journey. This guided meditation allows you to enter the altered state, trance or dream like state of Theta. Flashes of vivid imagery dance before your mind’s eye, you may notice a mild floating sensation as your mind expands beyond the boundaries of your body.

The movement to success is a return to love, a return to what has been misplaced or forgotten as learnt fear, doubt and insecurity become seemingly insurmountable obstacles, illusions of the mind. Through regular listening we practise the movement of achievement and success until imagined obstacles fade. And so we go, step by step, and in every step we sense our parents and our ancestors lovingly behind us. In closeness with them we are well equipped for success in all areas of our life and we will arrive there.

For information about how Guided Meditation and Hypnosis can support you contact me here.

The Create Success Guided Meditation by Life Therapy with Zita can be purchased on Itunes click image below.



Love Is…

When I was a child there was a comic strip series that used to appear in a local newspaper. The strip was called Love is… and would depict a series of love notes written by the cartoonist Kim Casali to her husband, Roberto Casali. The strip hit my radar sometime in the late 1970’s during early puberty when the notion of love beyond my mother was starting to blossom. Love Story was in the cinemas and the strip hit full stride with “Love is… never having to say you’re sorry.” The first adolescence that presents as puberty is a time where we move away from our family of origin to explore the world and in doing so we are more exposed to people whose values, beliefs, history and culture are quite different to our own. It is these differences that ultimately assure we will not mate with a close relative but with someone who has enough genetic diversity for us to create healthy children.

Years later, now as a coach, therapist and confidante to many who have traversed the painful side of life and love, I have reached a deeper understanding of what Love is. To truly love someone you must be willing to accept their fate too. 

In the deep, simple truth of this kind of love we remove the outmoded pitfalls of partnership, marriage and relationship that once centred on wanting the other person to change, be more like us and less like who they really are.

We are all familiar with the experience of having people who we love but wish they would be happier, quit drugs, drink less, be more affectionate, communicative, in touch with their feminine side, more assertive, independent, patient and devoid of destructive behaviour patterns. We hope, often in vain, that they will realise the error of their ways, acknowledge they are wrong, start to believe that they are worthy of something better, be more religious, less spiritual, or less religious and more spiritual, change their life, wake up or just do whatever it takes to be better.

It is a very appealing and seemingly innocent desire to want the best for someone else, to make it so that their life fit more conveniently in with our perception of a conventional and sustainable life. The reality is, life is not an Instagram moment, it is not about the best bits, the filtered, photoshopped digital snap that we choose to share publicly. Life is so much more than that, life is messy and life is messy because love is messy, painful and will challenge us to the very core of our being.

I am reminded that ‘love is never having to say you are sorry’ is rooted in something deeper; love is never having to apologise for who we are, where we come from or where we are going. This kind of self acceptance has a profound healing affect. All the more so when those we love can hold us in this place of compassionate acceptance as we move through life’s challenges and struggles.

“You truly love someone when you love their fate.” – Zita

Expecting the other person to change is at odds with loving them and accepting them. Acceptance is what allows another person to heal and grow. If you can’t accept them or you feel a need to change their fate, then there is a part of them that you are not willing to accept. In effect you are saying; “I know better than you, what is best for you.” Such an idea is dangerous not least of all because it assumes a certain kind of superiority.

The truth is we don’t really know what is better for another person because we can only know our own experience and what is better for ourselves. How can we possibly know the solution to another persons problem, if firstly, we feel a need to change it and secondly, we don’t even really know what it is to live with that particular fate or challenge. Nor do we know the potential benefits that come with the challenge of that fate. Fate includes; gender, race, culture, parents, traumas and much more. And what makes a person’s fate unique is that it is infinitely different from yours. Even siblings enter a family at a different time in the family history and so their fate is also unique. If we struggle to accept the fate of our partner we will struggle to accept the children we create with them and the effect of that on children itself becomes a challenging fate we hope others will love and accept them for.

As a solutions focussed coach I accept the fate of clients and support them to do the same for themselves. In a safe space of compassion and non-judgement I am able to support them to find solutions that are appropriate for them and the systems to which they are inextricably bound. When people are accepted, they are able to maintain their dignity, their strength and sense of self and it is this that propels them toward what they need.

In my experience, we must each tend to our own needs. If someone’s pain troubles us rather than seek to fix them it may be wise to ask what about this really troubles me, what trauma of my own does this touch? What other people need is always far deeper and more complex than what we want for them. If we resolve our own inner conflicts first it becomes much easier to see and understand this. Our capacity for success in Love is our personal growth.

In Conversation with Author Greta Solomon

Do you want to fall in love with writing? Greta Solomon is a London based Author, Speaker and Writing Coach. In this conversation Zita talks with Greta not just about how you can fall in love with writing, but why you must fall in love with writing. The benefits are immeasurable, from writing a captivating novel to a blog, a journal or an email to someone you hold dear. Writing can be a powerful way to find your voice and become visible, build esteem and confidence and most importantly create a deeper intimacy with yourself.

Greta is the author of Just Write It (Mcgraw – Hill)

In her second book Heart, Soul and Sass (Mango 2019) Greta inspires her readers to joyfully embrace writing as a way to developing creativity and to better express themselves. Greta has taught many talented and skilled professionals to hone their writing skills and express themselves clearly. She is the writers’ writing teacher and coach.

Pre-order Heart, Soul & Sass on Amazon

For more information about Greta visit her website

“Write your way to a fully expressed life.” – Greta

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

In conversation with Dr. Maggie Semple OBE

Zita in conversation with Dr. Maggie Semple OBE

Zita, the founder of Life Therapy with Zita welcomes you to the debut episode of Conversations with Ourselves. Zita talks about the podcast and shares an inspiring conversation with  Dr. Maggie Semple OBE. Maggie is a successful business woman and entrepreneur – founder of “Semple” – a bespoke women’s fashion brand. She is a Member of the Queen’s Counsel Appointments Panel, Executive Director of the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Maggie also serves on a number of boards including the Southbank Arts Centre and is a trusted advisor to many substantial organisations.

In the 90’s Maggie served as Director of Education and Training for the Arts Council, she then went on to become the Director of Learning Experience at the Millennium Dome managing a budget of £80m. Shortly after, she received her OBE.

Maggie has achieved so much; doubtless, she is a bold leader, courageous, gracious, fun and kind she is an inspiration to many. I loved the conversation with Maggie, I trust you will too.

“the world is there for you to grasp” – Maggie Semple

For Women Only.

“It is never too late or too early to Stand Tall.” – Zita

How to retreat and strategise.
We have created a world in which not one day goes by where there is not someone selling us, telling us to buy this, watch that, be this, do that, de – stress, watch your weight, be mind full of your mental health issues, meditate on your lack of this, telling us that you are not enough of this and you are definitely far too much of that and you could certainly do better at that. Buy this new face cream now so that you can have the skin of an undernourished pre-teen as you glide towards your 40s and 50s. Why? Because all of this will “change your life.”

Sadly, we are never told what exactly it will change our life to. Clearly it is not something better because if all of it were working proportionately to the amount of it sold, we would surely have enough of it by now to have made a noticeable difference. We would all feel relaxed and very happy. Right? Apparently not. Other than a few fleeting moments of joy, some hours of euphoria at best, life stumbles on and you continue to do the best that you can with what you are given.

The true question is: When was the last time you experienced a real radical shift in your life outside of the major life events of growing up, getting married, having children, getting a great job, getting a great promotion, a remarkable pay rise at said job, a difficult time in your relationship? The constant low level, deep hum of stress buzzing around your ears, now managed mostly with wine and a massage hovers. Hopefully, one day, there will be time – you will make the time – to deal with whatever unprecedented life event has made life a bit more challenging than you had hoped.

When was the last time you really shook things up? When was the last time that instead of brushing another thing under the rug, you lifted up the rug to see what you were actually storing under it? My guess is probably not very often, if ever. It’s not normal but it is accepted, more or less, that after a while you just sort of give up and get on with it all as best you can. People become too afraid to look under the rug, they lie awake at night, hoping, praying that the rug won’t misbehave, jump up and bite them. You never really smile on the commute to work anymore because the stuff under the rug is quietly sucking away your joy. And as life gets faster and busier, the moments to truly reflect become fewer. The sugary silt of the food and drink consumed to act as a buffer between you and the stuff under the rug starts to settle in. Before long, whole years have slipped by without you even noticing that the rug is now on the ceiling drip feeding the unresolved mess into the parts of your life you wish you could avoid or get away from. All you notice is the tension, the colds, the stress, the disappointments, frustrations and challenges rising up each morning to greet you. If it is not the nanny or the cleaning lady, it’s the boss, or that creepy annoying guy from god knows where. Strained relationships tugging at the seams of loosely woven lies. Papering over the cracks as you look for another pot of miracle cream, another detox diet, another remedy to keep the rug in place, all perfect and nice as your whole being starts to feel the fizzle and crack. Last question. When is enough, enough?

It is a great tradition for many to take annual leave, go on holiday and effectively press pause for a few weeks or so. You’ve earned it. There are a plethora of holiday companies offering getaways in paradise to help you take the weight off your shoulders as you exit the arrivals hall at destination X, Y or Z. Only to then return home buoyed by a renewed sense of joie de vivre and good intentions to make some serious changes.

Constantly evolving we are. A spa-retreat was the new upgraded version of a holiday for those high achievers as more and more people realised that to be on top of their game they had to rejuvenate their body. First, it was the retreats that offered detoxes, fasting, dieting, mega fitness pump, boot camps, fire eating, womb lighting and man caving. Like anything that is worth doing well, these too are starting to become more refined, too much high intensity of anything creates more burn out for the burnt out.

Thankfully, the new wave is wellness and wellbeing retreats; these are the holidays of choice for those who sense they are not realising their full potential whether they are hard working, high achievers or are among the many whose dreams never seem to get off the ground. The difference: a more long – term approach to your wellbeing, they seek to touch upon your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems to bring them and you into harmony. So instead of coming back a few pounds lighter, glistening with good health that soon fades, there are programmes tailored by exceptional coaches and therapists that serve to allow you to embrace change, meaningful and lasting change, not just for your body, but for the whole of your life too.

Life Therapy Retreats.
Zita invites you to join her on Life Therapy Retreats. Tailor made for the woman who wants to come back with the resources to be fully, wonderfully her best self and to be present for her life. From under the rug comes what you have been afraid to look at.

From my years of experience as a coach and a therapist what you will find under the rug is yourself, including all the hidden gems, the parts of you that you did not feel you had a right to own. Whilst you were busy getting everything else right, taking care of others needs, doing 150% to be as good as a man worth your 100%, you lost touch with who you really are. What is your true potential? I doubt you even know the answer to that yourself. I imagine by now you are starting to grasp that it is far more than you dared hope or imagine.

Its not enough to just get by anymore. If you are serious about the life you are living then your wellbeing matters. I can assure you there is nothing fun about a life where your wellbeing is not high on the agenda. You can’t really sit and say it’s because of men that you aren’t seen or acknowledged, when you resist seeing and acknowledging yourself. That makes no sense at all. Sure men have their stuff to look at, but women do too.

Make a strategic manoeuvre, change your life and find your purpose.

Come and join us on the Stand Tall retreat.


Have you found your true potential?

When we are stuck we need to shake ourselves up. The more we are shaken, the more we must let go of our former selves, assumptions and limiting beliefs to begin again. Rebuilding ourselves can be a truly challenging process. It can be demanding, excruciating,  exhausting. It can also be exciting, liberating and rejuvenating. Most importantly it can open the door to a new life, a life more suited to who you really are. Nothing is more fulfilling than living life from the place of your true potential.


It is the role of each generation to become a little more free, to secure a piece of freedom that wasn’t available to our ancestors and previous generations. It is absolutely necessary to recognise those who came before us, those who made way for us. Because of them we are able to build our own dreams and overcome every obstacle placed in our way—physical, sociological, spiritual and mental.