In Conversation with Franziska J. Golenhofen

Franziska J Golenhofen

Franziska Golenhofen is a consultant, researcher and recent co -author of the book “Mastering Disruption and Innovation in Product Management” (2018).

The book aims to guide corporate Business Units to Startups through the process of creating tangible products and services from their initial ideas. With a systemic impact and systems thinking perspective, it is here where Franziska integrates and connects insights from human – centred design approaches to technical concepts such as modularisation and platforms.

Prior to publishing the book, Franziska worked at Siemens Management Consulting and on the inaugural FIFA Female Leadership Programme.

Franziska Golenhofen holds an MSc in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics, has published with Oxford University Press, and is an advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals and work done by One Young World.

Having grown up in Hawaii and Munich, Franziska has lived and worked in the USA, Canada, Germany, South Africa, the Netherlands and most recently, the UK.

In this conversation we explore the influence of systemic awareness as an inherent skill in Systemic Leadership and how both can be implemented as a means to improving our current models of education and  healthcare.

I trust you will enjoy the Conversation as much as we enjoyed having it. Thank you for listening.