In Conversation with Author Greta Solomon


Do you want to fall in love with writing? Greta Solomon is a London based Author, Speaker and Writing Coach. In this conversation Zita talks with Greta not just about how you can fall in love with writing, but why you must fall in love with writing. The benefits are immeasurable, from writing a captivating novel to a blog, a journal or an email to someone you hold dear. Writing can be a powerful way to find your voice and become visible, build esteem and confidence and most importantly create a deeper intimacy with yourself.

Greta is the author of Just Write It (Mcgraw – Hill)

In her second book Heart, Soul and Sass (Mango 2019) Greta inspires her readers to joyfully embrace writing as a way to developing creativity and to better express themselves. Greta has taught many talented and skilled professionals to hone their writing skills and express themselves clearly. She is the writers’ writing teacher and coach.

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“Write your way to a fully expressed life.” – Greta

I hope you enjoy the conversation.