Zen and The Art of Life Maintenance


“The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. Life is about what you are made of, not the circumstances.”

– Zita

Each and every one of us is a composite of things we do and do not do. Those things define our actions and how we formulate our thoughts into actions. Sometimes we have bad habits and a mindset that we are not even aware of.

Life has become fast paced and frantic, that is how the majority of people live, that does not make it a good thing it just means that many people are more inclined to follow what other people do rather than find their own truth, discover what really works for them. This is fear based living and the price people pay is far greater than they realise.

Here are a few simple guidelines you can follow that will bring your life into healthy focus, balance and harmony. The only thing that prospers and grows in a stressful environment is dis-ease. Life is nothing without good health to enjoy it.

* Stop comparing. When you compare yourself to others you rob yourself of your own unique talents and abilities, the importance of being individual is diluted. Through comparison one or the other is diminished and in a world that already tells you that you are not enough it is usually you that emerges as the lesser of the candidates your mind will present you with. Subsequently your sense of self worth takes a beating. Remember you are wonderful because of your unique traits and characteristics.

*Stop competing. The competition of bettering yourself and being better than yesterday is a wonderful goal to aspire to, however competition is more effective when it is governed by awareness. It is okay to know what other people or other companies are capable of, however when approached as a cold blooded game you will eventually lose.

*Let Go of Anger. Holding onto anger is like holding a piece of hot molten lava in your hand and denying the pain. Anger is destructive. There is no other way to explain how toxic this emotion can become when it is not managed. If you are not able to manage it, it will make you say or do things that you may regret for the rest of you life. Every single day the papers are filled with stories of people with anger that has gotten way out of control, such that it has become rage. Given the huge availability of therapists, myself included available there is absolutely no excuse for it any longer. When you can manage and express anger in healthy ways your whole life will improve beyond measure and so to will the lives of people around you.

*Let Go of Regrets. Having regrets is an absolute and total waste of time. Regret has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Regret is a self serving form of guilt for a mistake. Mistakes are useful, they are a great opportunity to learn and grow. Everybody makes mistakes all the time.

*Stop Worrying. Worry causes stress, stress compromises your health, well-being and peace of mind. Worrying is just an imagined fear and you are far more likely to make that fear a reality by focusing on it. If you are worried about your children then the best thing you can do is be proactive otherwise you are causing them unnecessary emotional and psychological harm which is potentially far worse than the the thing you think might happen.

*Let Go of Blame. Blame is a losing game, nothing good comes of it. Principally because people who want to blame others are struggling with their own feelings of shame. Blame is just another way of passing shame which is far more toxic then any virus you can imagine, it will come back to you again and agin until you stop doing it. The most constructive thing you can do is address what it is that you are ashamed of in yourself. What are you hiding?

*Let Go of Guilt. Guilt is a form of arrogance, a self serving form of sacrifice, it does not bring peace to anyone. Better to fix the problem, make amends if necessary and then move on.

*Let Go of Fear. Fear is a stimulant and like most stimulants it is toxic. There is a distinct difference between fear and danger, one is imagined, the other is real. A flawed perception of life lies at the root of fear. For the most part fear is learnt, be it from someone else or from listening to or watching far too much non-sense on TV. Fear is always about what will happen next, which means that fear is about things that do not even exist. Which is rather irrational if you think about it logically. If your life has become crippled by fear it is a very sad and lonely way to live. I would urge you to seek the assistance of trained and compassionate professional. Hypnotherapy and NLP are amazing ways to remove fear from your life once and for all.

*Lighten Up! Life is supposed to be fun. At the very least have a giggle about how many things on the list you struggle with. People with healthy thought patterns have the ability to laugh at their problems and keep them in perspective. Good luck! Remember, every little helps.

If you are struggling with any of the issues mentioned feel free to call me for a Coaching session.