Where does change begin?


” I would change nothing in my life if it meant not being here now.”

When such words are spoken with integrity that can only come with stating a very personal truth, when there is no falter in speech, no withdrawing or hesitancy, the implication is that we have arrived at a place of peace and acceptance. The suggestion being that we now understand how every trauma we have suffered in our lives has played its role in bringing us to full self-acknowledgment.

A fully acknowledged self is not only achievable but is a rich and rewarding way to experience one’s life. We are able to joyfully accept and harmonise all of who we are in the most productive way. More and more people are achieving it as they understand that being happy is an achievable goal, it may not come in the form of a life hack or a ten point bulletin marketing joust, it’s so much more than that kind of clap happy happy. In truth, it is a more disciplined and concerted effort to reach one’s full potential. It is not a life goal for the lazy or faint of heart, but it is definitely an experience none who come to it ever regret.

And so such profound words resonate when we realise that life has damaged no part of our true nature, and that despite all the apparent suffering and obstacles, we have come to remember who we are, why we are here, and what we are supposed to be doing.