The Process

Life Therapy is a one-to-one session that takes place in a private working space. When going through a period of growth or change it can make a significant difference to have a coach who is focused on your intentions and championing your needs.

My style of coaching is designed to strengthen you, this will transform your life in the areas that need it most. I will not ask you to transform yourself to become something you are not and do not aspire to be. I do believe it is important that you have a sense of clarity and confidence about what you are actually capable of and I will encourage you to explore that. As you reach greater self acceptance, become a remarkable leader and function healthily from your highest level of performance you will create the success you want in all areas of your life. These results come when all the parts of your life are in harmony with each other.

My approach to coaching is unique. I work differently with everybody because each client is different. I do not follow an out of the box style of coaching because personal experience has shown me that exceptional people need exceptional coaching. Exceptional coaching is what I am known for and it is what I offer my clients.

Please be advised that my style of coaching is authentic, dynamic, energetic and seeks to engage every part of you. It requires you to be equally committed. If you are serious about tapping into your hidden potential, reaching beyond your perceived limits and finally listening to that voice inside of you telling you that your life can have greater meaning and that you have the ability to create it and live it, then it is time you take that first step.

Step One. Email Zita to set up a consultation.

Be prepared for honest insight, fresh perspective and an engaged approach to resolving your issues.

Life Therapy with Zita offers you a professional, discreet and non-judgemental coaching experience.

Please be advised that coaching is not advice, mentoring or psychotherapy. It is a professional partnership designed specifically to support you in making healthy effective change to enhance your personal and professional life on a daily basis.