The Process

Life Therapy is a one-to-one session that takes place in a private working space. When going through a period of growth or change it can make a significant difference to have a coach who is focused on your intentions and championing your needs.

Getting Started. Email Zita to set up initial contact by phone or skype. The purpose of this is for you to get a sense of how Zita works and for Zita to get a sense of how best she can support you. If she can’t then she will tell you. If an agreement is made to work together then your session will be booked in.

Zita works with clients in a number of ways the introductory phone session will be used to ascertain which approach will best suit your needs.

Option One. A series of weekly 60 minute sessions that take place in person. These sessions are designed to support you in learning and understanding the dynamics that influence your life and reframe those that hinder your growth and development. In these sessions Zita may draw upon coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and systemic constellations to address your issue. There will be assignments to do in between sessions, these will be tailored to your individual needs.

Option Two. Systemic Coaching Constellations, this is an approach to seeing and understanding that uses mapping to transform the challenges that impinge the various systems to which you belong. This is designed to bring into view the hidden dynamics, the seemingly intractable situations that need to be transcended. These sessions last up to 2 hours.

Be prepared for honest insight, fresh perspective and an engaged approach to resolving your issues.

Life Therapy with Zita offers you a professional, discreet and non-judgemental coaching experience.

Please be advised that coaching is not advice, mentoring or psychotherapy. It is a professional partnership designed specifically to support you in making healthy effective change to enhance your personal and professional life on a daily basis.