The Abundance Principle


We live in a culture that tells us that there is never enough. That we are not enough; that we are not good enough, thin enough, beautiful enough, rich enough, that we can never be safe enough, perfect enough, certain enough; that there is never enough time, energy, money, food, love, creative ideas and so on. I grew up with this message as did most of us. Our minds were imprinted with this message. This message is like a slow debilitating illness that gradually eats away at every area of your daily life and erodes your passion for life. Whether you are male of female, child or adult there is a persistent gnawing sense that you are simply not enough and that there is just not enough in life for you.

Everyday our senses are bombarded with messages of scarcity rather than abundance. How often do you hear yourself say “I don’t have enough time.”?  Scarcity of time. “I am stressed because there is so much to do but just not enough time”. More scarcity. How many times do you self chastise, criticise and judge. The message being another one of scarcity. “I am not enough” “S/he is not enough” “it’s not enough”. And on it goes day-in-day out ad infinitum.

Our culture strokes and rewards busyness, and programs you to numb your real feelings of vulnerability. “I’m so busy!” in our culture translates into productivity, importance, carrying one’s weight, and the “right” to be here. The truth is busy people are lost, like a child in a supermarket desperately looking for Mommy to take them Home. If you take a minute to stop and think about it, what are your internal messages about work and productivity? Many people carry an internal message that they are often not even conscious of. They actually believe that productivity is connected to value and worth. The more productive I am, the more value and worth I have. Not only do many people carry this message themselves they then pass this belief system on to their children. It’s a pity.

There is a payoff that comes with compulsive busyness. Being busy keeps you distracted from the truth of your life. The truths you probably don’t want to look at. To a certain extent everyone has truths they don’t want to look at. It’s the product of being a fallible human living in a world with other fallible humans. 

What are the consequences of avoiding those uncomfortable truths and numbing your vulnerability? Well, one thing is for sure it is not possible to only numb the unwanted emotions. If we numb the unpleasant, we also numb the joy, the love, the passion, etc. Personally, I would rather be vulnerable. I want to feel it all truthfully, honestly in each and every moment of my life, to live with integrity, it is the reason why I am here on earth in human form. I was born to feel. The more I feel the more I experience and I am duly rewarded with more and abundance is more. A tree does not grow to provide you with shade from the sun, a tree grows because it is a tree, you are the beneficiary of its growth. If it is cut down you are the beneficiary of its wood. Our culture wants us to believe that vulnerability is weakness. Vulnerability is at the core of fear, shame, anxiety and the difficult emotions that we all experience. Thankfully, vulnerability is also the birthplace of joy, love, belonging, and creativity. Amazing! When we surrender to vulnerability, simply allow it, familiarise ourselves with it we get more, more of the great the good and the wonderful, our relationships are beautifully enhanced, we find extraordinary ways to surmount the seemingly impossible, our joy attracts more joy, our fears are brought to light where they can no longer control us, most importantly we come to accept ourselves exactly as we are, which is a beautiful thing because you really are quite wonderful. And when you are able to recognise how wonderful you truly are then incredible things start to happen in your life. And a wonderful you can create wonders in your world. The Abundance Principle is quite simple, it focuses on what is, that you are already enough, that life is already enough and with this focus more is created naturally and with ease.

For more about the Abundance Principle and how it can support you in your life book a Life Therapy session. Sometimes, you just need to fully understand why there is nothing wrong with you. Like I said Life Therapy is unique and it is unique for this reason, I work from the understanding that you are already amazing you just picked up some thinking patterns that do not serve you well. Together we can change that. Hypnotherapy is a great way to get your thinking on the right track for you.

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