“With Zita’s guidance I came to find, acknowledge and respect my true self. I drew strength from my family, confidence from my achievements and focus from my inner understanding. I gained a quiet yet powerful knowledge that I can be whatever I want to be. Life has never been better; and it improves all the time.

— Alexander, North London

‘My mother, Myself’ Systemic Constellation workshop

“This workshop was a truly life enhancing experience. I learnt how transgenerational trauma impacts lives. How to understand this perspective to untangle the negatives and build positive connections. Zita created an ethos which was comfortable but confidential and safe. She is also mindful of her practice and created a therapeutic space that inspired trust, openness, acceptance and connections within the constellation. This was an unforgettable interactive experience that afforded me new perspectives, which has started my process of healing!!”


“On the recommendation of a friend, I booked an appointment with Zita. Searching for the answer to some of “life’s big questions”, I was in need of some guidance and direction to avoid the pitfalls of a mini-midlife crisis. In Zita, I found an objective and open ear. She worked with me to resolve historic issues which were clouding my path and in a professional yet friendly environment, she helped me to work through present challenges so that I came out with a clearer vision of what I wanted for my future and how I could achieve it. Most importantly, Zita helped me to acknowledge my accomplishments, so that I felt stronger and empowered. In this new light, I am well prepared to face and embrace the future. Doesn’t hurt that I feel more confident and beautiful in my own skin too!”

Candace B.

“The work I did with Zita has genuinely been a life-changing experience. The sessions were insightful, challenging, non – judgmental and ultimately helped me become a better version of myself. Life Therapy has helped me improve my life in numerous ways and the benefits are immense. I only wish I had found Zita sooner.”

Peter L.

“Everything about it was perfect, it raised my confidence and belief in myself all the way to the core. ”

George B.

“I’m essentially an optimistic person, but as someone who lost a parent as a young teenager, there are deep pangs of sadness which influence my state of mind today, decades later. That can have a negative influence on how I handle work, love and day-to-day situations. Zita is an intelligent and intuitive confidante who has identified symptoms of age-old trauma with laser accuracy and has helped me acknowledge (realistically) how this affects my mental health today and how I can change my responses and reactions and still be true to myself. Zita gave me simple exercises to practise which have actually brought much joy into our lives and will be with us forever.”

Katharine K.

“Zita has a tremendous gift as a coach her insight and wisdom gave me just what I needed to successfully transform my professional life and realise my potential. I will remain forever grateful for Zita.”

RC, Los Angeles

“Zita, has an amazing approach to Life Therapy. If you are dealing with past or present issues she will empower you to leap forward and see life in a clearer way. Her combination of skills, Hypnosis, Systemic Coaching, NLP is very effective in changing one’s outlook in life. She can help with family issues, bad habits and destructive patterns . Can’t recommend her enough!”

Tacina Smith

“I’d not been looking for a therapist for my daughter, because I couldn’t imagine how taking a 7 year old to a psychologist or counsellor would help with such a sad, sensitive situation as we’d gone through with a friend of the family having abused our trust in him in that most dreaded of ways. I happened to meet Zita through a friend, and I knew immediately she was a person whom I trusted to help us understand whether a tragic event with our daughter would have long-term damage. Her way of working was exactly what our family needed. She presented her time with our daughter as ‘art therapy’ and my daughter thrived in the couple of hour-long sessions with her new friend. The process was low in drama, high in happiness and creativity, and hugely helpful to us all in understanding our daughter’s perspective and gave us the tools we needed to calmly and confidently work towards a future where our daughter would be unscathed by something that sadly happens to so many children.”

Caryl L.

“Who doesn’t benefit from a little perspective and clarity? Whether for your professional or personal life or trying to improve patterns of behaviour which prevent you from achieving all that you want, time with Zita is just what I needed to feel focused and more confident when it came to a work/life balance and helping me to be a more positive, relaxed parent.”

Juliet K.