Shifting Perspective.

Invest in yourself. You can afford it. Trust me.

 “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.” – Chinese Proverb

The therapeutic healing you experience in Life Therapy is not an all at once thing that blows you out of the water. There are many small often seemingly imperceptible shifts that occur along the way and each one takes some time getting used to. Basically you are un-learning a long-standing habit of behaviour, belief, experience and relearning the real one, yours.

Most people are used to living with suppressed fear, denial and anger as a sort of survival mode comfort level, to cope they tend to use strong fixed beliefs, opinions, and habits, to mask feelings of core rage, panic, and pain. The coping aspect requires that you will be more inclined to live in your head, on autopilot. There is significant research and study available now that clearly states to do so will eventually compromise your health and well – being and that much like a chronic low level of depression, medication simply cannot address. There is nothing in your life that requires you to look closely at the core driving mechanisms within, other than your own life. The overwhelming majority of my clients came to me because they realised that if they wanted their life to be more satisfying and fulfilling, something had to change. Seeking the support of Life Therapy with Zita at this point, was the wisest thing they could have done. In order for any kind of lasting and meaningful change to occur you have to dissolve the fears and heal the emotional wounds that are in the way by understanding them. That means you have to face them, feel them, and decode them, which most people dread. The trick is to observe the hurtful patterns of your life. Then, find a new perspective so that don’t repeat them.

Each time an emotional shift occurs you may or may not experience symptoms within your body as the cells in your body adjust to new, healthy thought patterns, and authentic behaviour dislodge suppressed fear from your subconscious mind. For some people this can feel a bit uncomfortable as you gently ease yourself out of limiting comfort zones that kept you stuck. Emotions, which are just thoughts in-motion start to move around and in many instances leave the body altogether as tears, minor ailments, headaches a healing crisis. It is quite common for people at this point to think that therapy is making them worse rather than better, some people may become more defensive as they unconsciously try to sustain the status quo. The effort of avoiding and re-suppressing subconscious blocks will eventually wear you out, and the exhaustion can cause you to feel disillusioned, unmotivated and hopeless. The good news is, this is a good indication that you have reached a turning point. It is usually at this point, when you are finally so tired of resisting and controlling, and so overwhelmed by complexity, that you stop and come to the realisation there is nothing more you can do.

The whole Life Therapy experience of healing leads you to a place where you simply come to terms with what is happening. You come to a place of peace with what it is to be with yourself and with the fears and the pain. This is an important part of the healing of your life, a simple, natural, healthy way to evolve emotionally. Once you can experience the state that you are directly in without having to judge it or act on it everything becomes much easier, simpler. You are strengthened in a way that will last you for the rest of your life.

By simply ‘being’ with Life, letting things be as they are, you return to an experience of your own ‘being’  which was always present behind the veil of distractions and illusions. And when you live from this place life becomes as it is meant to be blissful, fun, clear.

Hypnotherapy supports you to engage with silence and look deeper within where your real strengths are waiting to be discovered by you. As you tune in your intuition becomes more finely tuned. Your intuition is one of the most extraordinary and powerful skills you posses, the store house of wisdom. Your intuition becomes even more purposeful when it is balanced with your rational side. Too many people are living difficult lives simply because they rely too heavily on their sense of rational and reason, this makes life rather complicated and a struggle. You know this already, it’s why you are reading this. You already know that something needs to change. That is a good thing it means that you are ready for change, ready for personal growth. What a wonderful thing that is! If you can get along with your intuition you will unleash a force within you that has the capacity to allow you to create the life you want. Your mental acuity increases to a capacity that most of what you may have struggled with in the past becomes so much easier to navigate. Most people report back a sense of peaceful clarity. Understanding and compassion dissolved their fears. There is a gentle release, relief and a return to joy as your whole being is allowed to soften into accepting that suffering is no longer a required part of your life experience. You will feel so much better!

Life Therapy precipitates the end of a stagnant life. Your mind is now free to make the right choices for you, and since your mind has been freed of fearful choices it starts to make choices that are rooted in love, the most essential form of love, self love. By achieving greater compassion for yourself you will naturally extend the same to others. It’s a win win situation all round.

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