I Remember When


I remember when the setting of the sun signalled the end is nigh. We said Amen in the fear another day would not greet us again.

I remember when in Medieval times we feared crossing the sea because the world was flat and life would end.

I remember when Armageddon was the 2nd World War for the 1st World War to end the wars that would end all time.

I remember when they promised a Nuclear War would end the world. I slept in fear, anxiety ridden as sirens sang throughout the night.

I remember when a giant CFC whole in the sky stopped us spraying on Impulse.

I remember when a giant concrete A fell across the TV screen warning of a terrible disease that would obliterate all mankind in 10 short years.

I remember when the cows went mad and we were sad that our global death would be bovine and not divine.

I remember when an Inconvenient Truth promised the end of ice to put in our tea.

I remember when our Carbon Footprint turned out the lights.

I remember when I learned that the easiest way to control a mass of people was to keep them living in fear of dying.

I remember when death became so frightening I lost my fear of dying.

I remember when kids spoke truth to power as they joined us in our fear of dying.

I remember when the sun came out to shine and people complained that it’s presence was a sign that extinction was coming.

I remember when.