Creating Lasting Change: New Year 2015


January is a big month, for many people it is a time to break from the past, a chance to start over, even if in reality every day is the chance to make a fresh start many people still associate January with the time to make significant changes in their personal and professional lives.

In this age of constant contact even as early as the 27th December there has been a significant rise in the number of people seeking advice and assistance to set the ball of change rolling. Often referred to as Twelfth Nissi (a half pun for those who have already begun their divorce proceedings ) marks the first Monday of January when the number of divorces petitioned in a year are at their zenith. If you are married there is a one in five chance that you are considering a split this week. It sounds like a very high number, but there we have it according to the statistics of legal firm Irwin Mitchell. So if it is not you then it is probably him, check his phone, that is how all the best divorces start. For others a total transformation of self is on the cards, for some that will be a dry month (alcohol free for 30 days ) 30 days of white knuckling it through long dark wintery evenings just to prove that alcohol is not your most trusted friend and ally. For others there will be the gruesome and rather joyless task of trying out one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s highly ascetic detox programmes, something akin to entering a gourmet monastery for a few painful days, or weeks if you are hoping for a full conversion. None can alleviate the troubles of the mind that are bound to arise as you try in vain to make superficial changes in the hopes that ultimately your life will get better by sheer force of will.

These are all noble attempts and it is important that in such endeavours you are sure to thank yourself for the discipline of mind to instigate such change. Changing external patterns can be a great impetus to move further along the road and create change at a more fundamental level; changing beliefs and the habits that lead you to feeling the need to create external changes. For the most part external changes such as New Years resolutions come with their own set of limitations and before long they fall by the wayside and once again you are struggling with the same thoughts, feelings and emotions that brought you to resolve to change in the first place.

Real change occurs when we shift our perspective entirely with an intention rather than a resolution to turn the coin over and make a deeper commitment to see life differently. A change in perspective naturally brings a change in the way you actually experience life. By letting go of attachments to suffering, illness and painful experiences it is possible to leave the past where it well and truly belongs, in the past. A task which can often feel well and truly daunting. A task well worth the effort if you are of the mind deep down that life is supposed to be wonderful.

When you surrender to ‘what is’ with an open heart and a willingness to make true and lasting change, something different starts to happen inside you. You are instantly absolved of the desire to cling so tightly to what has gone before and seek new ways to open up new vistas in your thinking and ultimately in your way of being. You give yourself permission to enter unknown territories, otherwise known as a bright future and seek holistic constructive ways to create something different, something positive. It is not enough to just think positively least of all if you don’t truly believe those positive thoughts and affirmations to be true, saying so wont make it so. It is a start, a great start, just not quite enough to create a solid foundation for staying in those new greener pastures. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to achieve a different outcome. For an ever growing number of people in the UK in recent years Hypnotherapy has proven to be one of the most positive and constructive ways to create meaningful changes in life often in the space of just three or four weekly sessions.

Life Therapy with Zita offers a dynamic new approach to Hypnotherapy that allows you to instigate change in every aspect of your life. With a greater awareness and understanding of the patterns of behaviour and thought that have been unconsciously running your life for most of your life it is possible to change outmoded patterns and upgrade them to patterns that suit you and your real needs better, to create the life you actually want to live, rather than the life that has been prescribed you by the circumstance of your birth and genetic blueprint.

There is no detox or split that will ultimately give you that degree of lasting New Year satisfaction, a life times worth as opposed to a few weeks worth. Divorce only becomes a good thing if a forgiving, peaceful resolution is found for you and your soon to be ex-partner. There are millions of people who have long since divorced their partner only to find that years later they are still in locked horn conflict with each other. Nobody wins in the game of blame, it is just endless, tedious and expensive not just financially, emotionally the price is extremely high for all concerned. Detoxing only really works if five years later you are still eating in a much healthier way, giving up alcohol is only purposeful if it is easy, in which case you would not need to take a break in the first place. Like many other resolutions these are just presenting issues, the real issues often remain unaddressed and will continue to haunt you or compromise the quality of your life until you chose to do the seemingly unthinkable, open the box and see what is really going on inside you.

The truth is most people are afraid to look inside, afraid of what they may or may not find. All I can say here and now is I can assure you it is really nowhere near as bad as you might think. In truth what you may be struggling to come to terms with is that it is your right to be happy. I don’t mean in the pejorative sense of ‘happy’ as in happy with the misery and struggle that life brings. I mean happy in the universal sense; as in joyful, at peace with life, at peace with yourself and living abundantly.

Celebrities can share their secrets of beauty, slimming, detoxing or whatever fad needs to be espoused to sell more stock however, few share the secret that got them the life, job, body, beauty they are selling. That secret, the one rarely spoken in the society pages and gossip columns is therapy and rarely is it the navel gazing kind that goes on year in year out. Nobody needs that kind of therapy. Therapy has progressed a great deal in the last 10 years and the number of people benefitting from it has increased exponentially. A great therapist will be keen to move you through change at a pace that suits you and your needs. Your life is happening now and great therapy works to keep pace with the flow of your life. Over the years I have worked successfully with hundreds of clients, celebrities and non celebrities, in Los Angeles, Stockholm and London with one single aim, to support them in creating positive healthy change in their life.

It is not luck that makes some people live happier, healthier, wealthier lives than others, there are plenty of unhappy, unhealthy wealthy people. Success is a balanced combination of all three, limited only by the definition you bring to it. It is just as easy to be rich as it is to be poor, so you might as well be rich, similarly you might as well be happy and healthy whilst you are at it. So, here is the bottom line. If you don’t have it all are you sane enough to believe that you deserve to have it all? If you are, but are just not sure how to have it all, then it is a wise and worthy investment to make an intention this year to find out what you can do for yourself to create the life you actually want. Success does not come to those who wait, success comes to those who have an intention to live it.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year! Over to you. Call or book a consultation now if your wish is to make it true.