Better Sex with Hypnotherapy


                                              “Have a light heart and a happy soul” Zita

Great sex may seem like an unlikely benefit of Hypnotherapy, but to put it plainly when you experience a better connection with yourself everything in your life will improve quite significantly and that includes your sex life too. The benefits of Hypnotherapy are well reported far and wide for quitting smoking, passing exams, losing weight, reducing stress and pain, changing patterns of behaviour but little has been written about the wonders it can do for your sex life. In or out of the bedroom Hypnotherapy can do more to spice up your sex life than Viagra.

So why does Hypnotherapy make you better in bed? Well, let’s consider context first. Many of you are stressed out, whether from work, your relationships, money, and a whole host of other reasons, circumstantial and otherwise. Stress increases cortisol and adrenaline levels, and these increased levels of cortisol and adrenaline decrease sexual desire and performance (among other negative effects). I am sure you’ve heard that Hypnotherapy is a very powerful stress-reducing tool. Therefore, it stands to reason that Hypnotherapy can increase sexual desire and performance by reducing cortisol and adrenaline levels. The more relaxed you are in your daily life the better your orgasms will be. Think about it: do you feel aroused when you are stressed out? Probably not.

There are a number of issues that can have a negative impact on your sexual performance and pleasure. The truth is nothing should interfere with you having a wonderful fulfilling and highly satisfactory sex life with your partner. A loving intimate relationship is as vital to life as breathing. Religion does not belong in the bedroom, it belongs in a place of worship. A significant number of people who are overtly religious experience significant sexual problems because nature says to do one thing and their religion says to do another. That results in guilt and shame and causes emotional trauma that interferes with pleasure and expressions of intimacy that can eventually have a negative effect on a relationship.

A lack of sexual arousal can be caused by negative emotions, which may be the root of some physical discomfort that cause you to shy away from having sex, be it that you frequently experience headaches prior to sex or pain during sex to some other problem. If you have already explored with your GP the possible medical causes then it is more than likely that an emotional issue is the obstacle to you experiencing a joyful sexual encounter with your partner. If you lack sexual arousal or feel you do not match your partners needs, exploring ways to restoring balance is just a consultation away.

If you have experienced a negative sexual experience in your past then the memory of the trauma can have a detrimental effect on how you view sex and intimacy. However, there are solutions to be found and although the emotional recovery period may take some time with the considered approach of Life Therapy it is possible to bring about a quicker closure to the painful trauma of the past experience and return to a happy healthy sex life. More than any other therapy Hypnotherapy can support you to rediscover a comfortable relationship with your sexuality.

Sexuality and intimacy goes beyond sexual intercourse. Oral sex and touching your partner in ways they enjoy is just as much a part of intimacy as the rest. For some people it may be difficult to find ways of pleasing their partners beyond just intercourse and this can lead to problems in a relationship if it is not addressed. Feeling more comfortable in pleasing your partner is just another one of the issues covered with Hypnotherapy

For a loving and intimate relationship to succeed, trust is crucial. If trust has been broken due to infidelity then the bond needs to be restored if your relationship is to survive. Forgiving your partner is one part, forgetting and letting go of the past is the second. If you are finding it difficult it get that past moment out of your mind during intimacy, you should at least explore what Hypnotherapy can do to bring closure and forgiveness even if you decide you no longer wish to be with that person, quite often the loss of trust is carried over to the next partner and will have a negative impact on your sexual relationship with a new partner.

Medication can also have a negative effect on your sex life, If you are on antidepressant medications, you already know that they have a negative side effect on your sex life. If you have been wanting to get off the antidepressants because you no longer need them, or for whatever reason then the Life Therapy approach to Hypnotherapy can support you to transition to a healthier relationship with yourself which will benefit all your relationships including the one with your partner. Viagra! Erectile dysfunction is not as prevalent as the sales of Viagra would have you believe. Not everyone who takes Viagra actually needs it. That little blue pill only works on one part of sexual dysfunction, getting the blood to where it is needed. The biggest group that actually needs Viagra are men that have already suffered damage from smoking. If you have never smoked, then the chances are very high you don’t need Viagra you simply need to adjust your thinking.

Studies show that Hypnotherapy improves the functioning of your mind, a healthy mind is more present and less prone to be distracted, most of us have an over developed left-brain. The job of the left brain is to review the past and rehearse the future. This can keep us trapped in a past / future thought cycle and rob us of the ability to be fully present in the right now, which is the only time an orgasm can happen. The right brain is in charge of present moment awareness and this is the part of the brain that Hypnotherapy gives a workout, kind of like a gym for your mind. Like your body if you exercise your mind through regular hypnosis the right and the left hemispheres of the brain come to a balanced and harmonious relationship with each other. Self hypnosis is a skill you can easily learn in one Hypnotherapy session to use as and when you need to. The result of this is more attention, awareness and computing power for the task at hand. And depending on what you and your partner(s) are into it may take quite a few hands. Nobody likes a distracted lover.

Hypnotherapy can support you to develop a more secure sense of self and stop you looking to your partner to complete you. “You complete me” are probably the most damaging words to come out of Hollywood. No one can complete you. No partner, job, degree or number of zeros in your bank account can complete you. Your happiness exists in one place and that is inside of you and it exists in one time and that time is now. If you do not have a secure sense of self then you are more inclined to seek fulfilment externally. If you are looking to your partner to prop you up mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually then you will always be disappointed as there is nothing outside of you that has the ability to give you access to your bliss. Happiness is an inside job.

Hypnotherapy might make your partner think you are psychic! If you haven’t heard about mirror neurons yet, get ready. Scientists say that mirror neurons are going to do for psychology what DNA did for biology. Think of mirror neurons like tiny boomerangs emitted from your brain that go and dance with your lover’s mirror neurons and then report back. Mirror neurons allow you to “intuit” what your partner is feeling. It is your mirror neurons that make you cringe when you see someone get hurt or why you smile when you see a happy baby. It is also the reason why the porn industry is so huge. Just the act of watching someone else being pleasured can create a pleasurable experience in your mind. Hypnotherapy has been shown to significantly improve your mirror neuron functioning. This along with the fact that you will become more relaxed and present in your life makes it far more likely that you will become a more intuitive and generous lover to your partner.

So before you reach for the little blue pill why not set an intention to improve your sex life with a few Hypnotherapy sessions? I strongly recommend it. There is little else more rewarding and fulfilling in life than having a stimulating and exciting sex life. It is effective, easy and most of all it is oh, so much fun!