What is Life Therapy?

Life Therapy is a solutions focussed approach to coaching that creates the opportunity for you to discover and resolve patterns of belief and behaviour that are difficult for you to understand and change. We all have the ability to consciously recognise patterns of behaviour that are negative and relationships that are disruptive, however, in reality it can be very challenging to free ourselves from either. Rather than focusing on just the individual client, Life Therapy takes into consideration the systems that we belong to, be it your body system, the family system you were born into, the family system you create with your partner or the work system that you are part of.

Systemic coaching is a game changer in the world of coaching because it creates the space for both the individual and the whole system to realise their optimal potential and performance. As we zoom out and take an expanded view of the systems to which we belong, we are able to increase our awareness; an issue that might at first seem local may reveal itself to be rooted in the wider system just waiting to be acknowledged. Each and everyone of us plays an active role in the systems to which we belong, and that role can come from a place of strength or from weakness. When we clearly know our place, and understand the nature of our belonging, we are strengthened. Whether you are a leader in an organisation, seeking to enhance your performance in the work system, or the member of a family system in need of support and resources, the desire to thrive and survive is inextricably linked. Systemic coaching creates the space for you to achieve balance between the systems in a way that all areas of your life are supported. The more we can raise our inner game of understanding and perception, the more we can raise our outer game.

What are the benefits of Life Therapy?

Simplicity. The coaching process can be off putting to some as it often feels that complex situations are just too big or difficult to resolve. The process of mapping brings clear insight. Clear insight brings achievable, peaceful solutions.

Shifting patterns. Work and family relationships can get caught up in the outmoded patterns that occur in relationships where hidden dynamics are at play. As the hidden is brought to light – the unconscious made conscious – patterns that have become stuck and limited shift. Misplaced loyalties, weakened bonds and allegiances, are rightfully restored  and find a place of resolution.

Evolution creates innovation. The evolution that naturally occurs brings clarity which has an innovative effect as a new way of seeing emerges, and a forward movement occurs. The door behind which potential had once been locked is liberated and along with it comes the energy and impetus to change.

There is no separation between personal performance and professional performance. Systemic coaching bridges the imagined gap through considered attention to where the seemingly intractable issue hides, supports the client to find their place, which in turn leads to a greater sense of belonging, wellbeing and performance.

Our world today is changing so fast, that in order to successfully keep up, survive and flourish a workable approach is required. For those who want to achieve their greatest potential, systemic coaching supports that beautifully.

Who is Life Therapy for?

Life Therapy is for anyone seeking to improve the overall quality of their life by finding their ‘right place’, where they belong.  What does this mean? In more ways than we consciously know,  we do have a sense of what it feels like to be in our ‘right place’, we feel good, relaxed, calm, centred, focussed, grounded. We do our best work, find our rhythm and purpose. We have no sense of failure or disappointment with ourselves. Our confidence is real and everyone around us can sense it. What many people do not yet understand is that it is possible to feel this way most of the time. It takes courage to change, to create the optimal conditions for your wellbeing and performance. It takes courage to be genuinely happy. If you want to find your right place and enjoy the benefits this will bring I can support you to achieve this.

Systemic Coaching for individuals

Career Development: When you are in a challenging role, transitioning to a new position or level, having difficulty fitting into finding your authority.

Personal Development: To be your best self requires that all areas of your life function well and are balanced.

Female Leadership Development: To establish the right mindset, skill set and resources to Stand Tall in your role.

Systemic Coaching – Retreats and Workshops 

Stand Tall – Life Therapy Retreat: Stand Tall is a private intimate workshop retreat exclusively for women set over 3 days in Northern Tuscany. Reveal your full potential in 3 days, leave feeling uplifted and empowered. You can discover more here.

Systemic Coaching for Organisations

Lunch Time Pause: 60 minutes workshop to introduce the benefits of change and development to enhance the way things are done and improve the flow of a business or firm.

Leadership Development Programmes: Working with a group of senior leaders in Zita’s leadership workshops draws out the qualities needed to inspire their teams, earn trust, establish better working relationships and transform results.

Uncovering the truth: When there is something secret or hidden that is detrimental to the running of the business.

Problem Solving: To find solutions, resources and options for difficulties that seem almost impossible to overcome.

If you would like to discuss Life Therapy running a seminar or workshop for your company please contact Zita directly via email: zita@lifetherapywithzita.com