The Limitations of Time


The Polar Bear

A Polar bear lived in a circus. He lived in a very small cage and could not even turn around, in fact he could only walk two steps forward and then two steps back.

The owner of the circus gave him to a zoo, where the polar bear had an open space in which to roam. Still, he walked two steps forward and two steps back.

One of the other bears asked him. “Why do you do that?” The polar bear replied, “Because I had to live in a cage for so long.”

Remembering and forgetting are inseparable, much like life and death sooner or later we must become cognizant of the fact that all life comes to an end. Our ability to adapt to the ebb and flow of change in life allows a certain freedom. For many people there is a tendency to hold on to things that are past – memories of both good and hurtful experiences. When someone holds on to something that should be over they not only hold back themselves, everyone in the family group is held back too. Everyone is held captive to the past which will then go on to effect the present in inappropriate ways. Because the old cannot fade away, the new has difficulty in establishing itself. It requires great discipline to extract yourself from these kind of systemic family entanglements, to let go of everything that deserves to be finished. All members of a family group need to let go of things, both positive and negative as soon as their effect for good has been realised.

If you are struggling to let go of the past and live peacefully in the present Hypnotherapy can help to alleviate the old recordings of a past story from continuing to be felt. The relief not only feels wonderful but is beneficial in that it clears the way for new and greater opportunities to be experienced.

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