The Process

Life Therapy is a one-to-one session that takes place in a private working space. The session usually starts with some basic information gathering to glean an understanding of the issue to be addressed. Once this is established, working together with the client the coach uses mapping cards, figurines or floor-markers to set up a three dimensional view of the system. The client positions them in the place that s/he feels is appropriate, the coach guides the client to view the system from each position. These maps also serve to illuminate system dynamics that might otherwise be hidden or invisible – the unconscious made conscious. With this wider view the client is able to see new insights and ideas that can bring a solution to the issue.

The systems we belong to are made up of human beings. As living systems there are bound to be in other people perspectives we cannot perceive or understand from our unique position, and these all have powerful influences over the relationships that are created within the systems. If the hidden dynamics are acknowledged, we are far better able to find viable solutions that benefit the system as a whole as well as the individual. Work systems or family systems underscored by dysfunction and discontent amongst its members rarely survive and prosper. Work and family systems rooted in a systemically ordered architecture are stronger, they tend to flourish and prosper and all the members are recipients of the good fortune created.

Systemic coaching creates the potential for four types of outcome:

  • Diagnostic: What are the relevant forces acting on my issue?
  • Solution: What is involved in living with the solution that is revealed?
  • Creative: What are the emerging future possibilities?
  • Predictive: What is likely to be the effect of the choices that I make?